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We are sorry, but once an order has been confirmed, it is processed automatically and cannot be cancelled. The package can be returned as indicated in our Return Policy.

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If the code doesn't work please double check the dates of the promotion and which products and categories it can be applied to from the newsletter.

A pre-order is the reservation of an item that is not yet available for sale, but will be soon. An estimated delivery date is indicated for each pre-order item within the product page. 

Mixed order consisting of currently available and pre-order items: the products will be dispatched at two different times, but you will be charged only once for the shipping fees Order consisting of pre-order items with different delivery dates: the products will be shipped together on the latest estimated delivery date. 

In any case, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as the package is shipped. The purchase of pre-order items can be made with Credit Card only. Once you complete your order, we will ask your bank to verify the supplied details; the validity of your credit card could be confirmed through a payment authorisation of 5 AED for United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Côte D'ivoire (Ivory Coast), Kuwait, Liberia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic and United Arab Emirates orders, 1 CHF for Liechtenstein orders and 1 Euro for all other countries. This authorisation is not a charge: Montblanc e-boutique will charge your card only once the package is being shipped.

Of course! You can navigate the mobile-optimised version of our website.

Unfortunately not. Each order is processed automatically and once it has been confirmed, it is not possible to modify the details. To purchase additional items, you must place a new order. To return any items please refer to our Return Policy.

Order being prepared:
The order has been confirmed and we have already sent a confirmation email with the Order Number. 

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As soon as the order is shipped from our warehouse, we will send you a confirmation email with the Tracking Number to track the delivery.
It is possible to check the order status at any time by entering the Order Number in the Follow your Order page. Registered users can also find all information related to their orders in the My Account area.

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Until an order is concluded, items added to your Shopping Bag remain available on the website and can therefore be purchased by other customers. If this should happen before you complete your order, you will receive a notification that the items are no longer available.

Items purchased on Montblanc e-boutique come in the characteristic Montblanc packaging, or in other special packaging. Should you wish, you can select the corresponding option for gift wrapping when you place your order. The only exceptions are for calendars, notebooks and ink refills.

You can also add a card with a message for each item in your order (except refills). 

We do indeed offer complimentary personalisation at the time of purchase online for the products which have noted 'Free Personalisation' under the product image. Should you have questions, pleasecontact us

Yes, we offer personalisation services in most of our boutiques. Please note, you may be charged for this service. 

Please find your nearest location on the Store Locator page.

We offer various options in our personalisation service. In general, the engraving or embossing will be done in the colour that matches the fittings. You may also opt for "blind" which means without colour. We also offer silver or gold foil engraving or embossing. 

Create an account for access to exclusive areas and services dedicated to our customers:

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When you register, the Montblanc e-boutique recognises the country/region in which you are located and automatically associates it to your account.

In your Wish List, you can save items of interest in order to find them again easily, check if there is limited availability and proceed directly to purchase with a simple click. Thanks to the notification feature, you will receive an update via email if an item becomes the Last One Available. 

You can enable and disable notifications for individual items directly from your Wish List.

In the My Orders section, you can find an archive of the orders made from that account. By clicking on the Order Number, you will be able to see the details of the purchase and the delivery status. From here, you can also access all of the details related to any eventual returns.

Boutique Services

Yes, we do offer gift vouchers in boutiques. Please visit a boutique near you. You can find your nearest location on theStore Locatorpage.

You may find your nearest boutique or authorised retailer on theStore Locatorpage.

You may find the opening times for our boutiques or authorised retailers on theStore Locatorpage. Alternatively, you can also use the google map location tool that will help you find the nearest boutique along with the hours of operation.

We currently do not display which services are offered in our boutiques. We recommend you contact the boutique of your choice, our sales associates will be happy to assist.
You can find a list of our boutiques or authorised retailers on theStore Locator page. 

Product & Repair Services

In order to have your product authenticated please bring it to one of our boutiques or authorised retailers. We offer an evaluation of originality for all our products. This service is exclusively carried out at our headquarters service centre.

Your writing instrument will be carefully inspected by our specialist. In case your product is a genuine Montblanc we will issue the ” Certificate of Authenticity” as proof of authenticity. The Authenticity evaluation is a chargeable service and requires up to five working days upon receipt in our headquarters service centre (excluding shipping).

Pleasecontact us, including a clear picture of your product. We will do our best to identify your item and may contact you for additional information related to your piece. 

Contact us with all the details related to the item: serial number, name and description. We will do our best to provide you with all of the information at our disposal. 

Every nib made by Montblanc is crafted and polished by hand. To offer the perfect nib for each individual handwriting style, Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of eight different nib widths. Choosing the right nib to match your personal writing style will allow you to write effortlessly.

If the nib is not a perfect match for you, Montblanc offers a free nib exchange for up to six weeks after purchase. For Limited Editions, the nib exchange is free of charge for up to one year after purchase. Please note that this free service only applies if the nib is still in mint condition and with a valid document confirming the warranty is valid. 

The nib sizes are the following:

EF (Extra Fine) , F (Fine) , M (Medium)

The basic feature is the round tip which is suitable for almost all writing styles, even with high hand rotation, for fountain pen beginners and left-handers.

B (Broad), BB (Double Broad)

The basic feature is the straight tip which is suitable for writers with little hand rotation. These nib widths create a particular impressive writing with a variating width of the line. The straight nibs have to be put on the paper in a straight position in accordance with the shape of the tip.

OM (Oblique Medium), OB (Oblique Broad) , OBB (Oblique Double Broad), (with 149 only: OBBB , Oblique Triple Broad). 

The basic feature is the straight oblique (=slanted) tip which is suitable for persons who write with a slanted angle. The oblique nibs have to be put on the paper in a slanted position in accordance with the shape of the tip.  

We offer eight different nib sizes, whereby the nibs with a round tip (M for medium, F for fine, EF for extra fine) are generally suitable for all kind of writing styles.  In order to choose the perfect nib to match the individual writing style we recommend to try out the different nib widths at a Montblanc boutique or at an authorised retailer.

It is possible that some items in the collection are not available online, but can be purchased from our network of boutiques and authorised retailers, or by phone. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

We offer discounts for corporate orders depending on quantity and value. Please visit ourCorporate Gifting page orcontact us

Please visit one of our boutiques or authorized retailers to find the appropriate strap for your watch. Please find the straps for your Summit 1 or 2 under ourSmart devices page.

Yes, the straps are compatible with both devices. Any 22mm strap will fit as well. As the summit straps have an easy fixing mechanism, you will however need an extra pin to fix a normal bracelet. This Montblanc pin can be ordered by our boutiques and authorized dealers.

In order to set the time for your watch please refer to the Service Guide.

Do not change the hour or date between 10 pm and 2 am, the period during which the date changes, as this may result in damage to the movement. Please refer to the Service Guide for further details. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to visit one of our boutiques or authorised retailers.

If you have not worn your automatic or manually wound watch for a prolonged period of time, wind it fully by turning the crown twenty times. Further details are specified in the Service Guide.

In order to ensure the performance of your manually wound mechanical watch, we advise you to wind the crown once a day, preferably at the same time. Be careful not to force the crown once you feel resistance.
Do not change the hour or date between 10 pm and 2 am, the period during which the date changes, as this may result in damage to the movement. Please refer to the Service Guide for further details.

We have fountain pens with piston filling mechanism, which you can fill only from an ink bottle. Many other models are to be used with ink cartridges only. 
The Meisterstück Classique fountain pen can also be used with a piston converter and filled from an ink bottle. 
For instructions and information on how you can fill your fountain pen please refer to ourService Guide. Alternatively, please visit one of our boutiques or authorised retailers for further assistance.Please see the complete list of boutiques or authorised retailers.

No. The Starwalker fountain pens are designed for the sole use of Montblanc ink cartridges.

No. The Traveller fountain pen is designed for the sole use of two Montblanc ink cartridges inserted in the cartridges holder.

Our current Ballpoint pens all have a twist mechanism. In the past we also had Ballpoint pens with lever mechanism in the clip and with push mechanism. The Rollerballs  and Fineliners have a cap you need to take off in order to write. Please have a look at what is written on the refill. Fountain pens always have a gold nib and use liquid ink.

The battery is optimised to deliver a full day of normal usage. It usually takes two hours to charge Montblanc Summit 2.

Refill Finder

Yes, Rollerball and Fineliner refills are interchangeable. Please note that LeGrand size refills cannot be used in writing instruments that are suitable for the standard size and vice versa

No Rollerball and Fineliner refills cannot be used in a ballpoint pen and vice versa.

The Ballpoint refill uses ink paste and one can use a certain amount of pressure while writing. Therefore ballpoint refills are perfect for filling forms with multiple pages and for writers who write a lot. Our ballpoint pens have a twist mechanism, which protrudes and retracts the refill. 

The Rollerball uses liquid ink, similar to fountain pen ink. The majority of our Rollerballs have a cap, which you need to take off before writing. Closing the cap ensures that the ink does not dry up. There are only a few which do not have a cap, e.g. the Rollerball Capless which uses the special "capless refill".

“Rollerball Refill" and "Fineliner Refill" suit the Rollerball and Fineliner Meisterstück Classique, Starwalker, Bohème, Great Characters and Limited Editions.

F stands for Fine, ball diameter 0,5 mm M stands for Medium, ball diameter (0,6 mm standard colours, 0,7 mm special colours)

"Rollerball LeGrand Refill" suits the Meisterstück LeGrand Rollerball. 

F stands for Fine, ball diameter 0,6 mm M stands for Medium, ball diameter 0,7 mmB stands for Broad, ball diameter 1,0 mm 

"Fineliner LeGrand Refill " suits the Meisterstück LeGrand Rollerball. 

B stand for Broad, diameter of felt tip 1,0 mm 

“Rollerball Small Refills” suit Muses Editions Rollerball, Bonheur and Meisterstück Mozart Rollerball

M stands for Medium, ball diameter (ball diameter 0,6 mm standard colours, 0,7 mm special colours) 

“Rollerball Capless System Refills” suit Montblanc M and Heritage Collection 1912 Rollerball Capless 

M stands for Medium, ball diameter 0,7 mm

“Artfineliner Refill”  suits Montblanc M Artfineliner Only

EF stands for Extra Fine (line width 0,4 mm)

Ballpoint F: On average this refill will last approximately 250 A4 pages
Ballpoint M: On average this refill will last approximately 200 A4 pages
Ballpoint B: On average this refill will last approximately 150 A4 pages
Rollerball F : On average this refill will last approximately 42-50 A4 pages
Rollerball M: On average this refill will last approximately 30-42 A4 pages
Fineliner: On average this refill will last approximately 17 A4 pages

This depends on the writing system and the model you have. Should you have a vintage Rollerball or cartridge Fountain pen you can use our current standard size Rollerball refills or ink cartridges as the measures of these refills have never changed. Should you have a Ballpoint, pleasecontact us including clear pictures of the writing instrument and the old refill, if available, so we can suggest the appropriate refill for you. 

Montblanc offers an exclusive selection of different Montblanc ink colours.
In order to best protect your Montblanc fountain pen from any damage, please only use Montblanc ink.

Yes, we do  have leads for our mechanical pencils. Please find them under "Stationery & Refills", "Writing Instruments" and filter on "Writing mode" mechanical pencil.

Yes they do indeed. Below you will find the shelf life of different refills:

Ink bottles: 5 yearsInk cartridges: 2.5 yearsRollerball, ballpoint or Fineliner refills: 4 yearsDocument marker: 2 yearsSmall ballpoint refills: 2 years

On the refill box or on the refill itself you will find the date of production and the best before date. 
Should your refill state NXXXX this indicates the year of production. For example, N0803 will note that the refill was produced in March 2018. Your refill can also state Month XX. This refers to the best before date. For example, Sep20 will note that the refill is best before September 2020.